Amoebae on the Web
Web-site dedicated to systematics and identification of naked lobose amoebae

author and webmaster:
Alexey Smirnov
St.Petersburg University

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    New materials:
  • 25.05.2003: Description and images of 8 more species
  • 16.03.2003: How to identify an amoeba? Brief introduction - now with figures
  • 05.01.2003: Description and images of Vannella ebro
  • 01.01.2003: The web-site Amoebae on the Web appeared in the Internet
    • Illustrated checklist of Gymnamoebia
      List of all recognised species of Gymnamoebia (Lobosea). Contains permanently increasing number of photographs, descriptions, and references to the literature for species identification.
      • Last updated: 05.01.2003. Contains 176 species names.
      • Contains set of illustrations and description of 12 species.

    • How to identify an amoeba - introduction. This text gives basic information about the biology, observation and routine laboratory methods of maintenace and study of amoebae. May be useful as a sort of introduction to the topic.

    • References to the main keys, books and amoebae-related papers. My databases of amoebae-related references for download

    • Ecology of amoebae in the bottom sediments. Shows some results of 10-year monitoring study of amoebae fauna of a freshwater lake. The biodiversity section contains 496 LM and TEM images of 32 amoebae species. Supported with Otto Kinne Foundation fellowship 1999-2000.

    • Interactive Atlas of Gymnamoebae. Part I. Thecamoebidae. Only for Netscape 3.x and 4.x browsers. Contains about 320 LM and TEM images of all known Thecamoebidae, species descriptions and exhaustive reference lists to relevant literature. Supported with the RBRF grants 96-04-50858, 98-04-49815 and CCAP (CEH WIndermere, UK).

    • Links to other amoebae-related pages, protistological journals and culture collections

    Frequently Asked Questions (Instead of Introduction):

    Question: What is it?
    Answer: Personal web-site by Alexey Smirnov dedicated to systematics, identification and practical work with naked amoebae (Rhizopoda, Lobosea). The site originated in 1999 as my online CV, then it grow up to the personal web-page with references to other my projects. Further accumulation of online materials resulted in the present web-site, opened 01.01.2003.

    Q: Why was it done?
    A: Descriptions of numerous amoebae species are very dispersed and often are brief and incomlete. Many of them become bibliographical raritets. There is an evident need in a kind of widely available revision of amoebae species to produce a sort of benchmark for further studies. Web-page seems to be ideal for this purpose.

    Q: What for?
    A: To present my view on key questions in this field. To help people who need to start the work with amoebae. To give basic, but often missed information about these organisms.

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