Flamella lacustris Michel & Smirnov, 2000

Flamella lacustris 1-5: locomotive; 6: nuclei in alive cell. Scale bar 20 mkm
  • Locomotive form flattened, semi-circular or crescent-shaped. The cell has well-pronounced anterior hyaline area, never clefted into separated lobes. Conical or finger-sped subpseudopodia are formed from the anterior hyalolasm and from the upper surface of the hyaloplasm. The body shape very dynamic. Wide adhesive uroid, actually adhesive filaments are formed along all the posterior margin of the cell. Length in locomotion about 20-50 mkm, breadth 17-83 mkm.
  • 1-12 spherical vesicular nuclei. Even numbers of nuclei (e.g. 2,4,6) dominate strongly. Numerous contractile vacuoles. No cytoplasmic cristals. No cysts found. Binary cell fusions are known.

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