Hartmannella sp. (new species)

Hartmannella sp. 1-4: locomotive; 5-6: resting cell; 7-10: cell when changing the direction of movement; 11: posterior hyaline lobes; 12: nucleus (stained preparation).
Scale bars 1-11: 20 mkm; 12: 10 mkm
  • Locomotive form monopodial, always with distinct hyaline cap. No differentiated uroid in most cells, in some - small bulbous uroid. Posterior hyaline lobes are usual. Length in locomotion 28-70 mkm (average 53 mkm), breadth 7-18 mkm (average 11 mkm). L/B about 5.0.
  • Single spherical nucleus, about 4 mkm in diameter, with central endosome about 3 mkm in diameter. One contractile vacuole usualy situated just below the anterior hyaline cap. 8-10 small irregular cristals in the cytoplasm. No cysts found.

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