Korotnevella bulla (Schaeffer, 1926) Goodkov, 1988

Korotnevella bulla 1-3, 5-8, 10-13: locomotive; 4,9: nucleus (alive); 14: floating form. Scale bar 20 mkm

Korotnevella bulla 1-2: cell surface; 3: bacteria in the cytoplasm; 4 dictyosome; 5: dictyosome and vacuoles with scales at different stages of formation. Scale bar: 1 mkm

  • Locomotive form variable, usualy it is wider in the anterior part, sometimes it looks like an irregular triangle with anterior hyaline border. The cell forms numerous hyaline dactylopodia. No differentiated uroid. Length in locomotion 51-147 mkm, breadth 32-106 mkm, L/B about 0.8 - 3.2. Floating form of radial type, with 6-13 long, tapering hyaline pseudopoida.
  • Single elongate nucleus, about 9-14 mkm in maximal dimension, with the endosome usualy consisting of several parts. One contractile vacuole. Vary small irregular cristals in the cytoplasm of some specimens only. No cysts found.
  • Cell coat includes scales. One very large dictyosomes, consiting of about 20 cisternae.

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