Saccamoeba sp. (new species)

Saccamoeba sp. 1-2: locomotive; 3: cytoplasmic crystals; 4-5: cell in non-directed movement; 6: nucleus (alive specimen). Scale bar 20 mkm

Saccamoeba sp. 1-2: nucleus; 3: cell coat; 4: mitochondria; 5: filaments in the cytoplasm; 6: remains of ingested algae. Scale bar: 500nm

  • Locomotive form monopodial, without hyaline cap. Only sometimes there is a very fine hyaline crescent at the anterior end of the cell. Large bulbous uroid with several villi in most cells, smallest cells does not have differentiated uroid. Length in locomotion about 110 mkm, breadth about 23 mkm.
  • Single spherical nucleus, about 8 mkm in diameter, with central endosome about 5 mkm in diameter. One contractile vacuole. A lot of large, splinter-shaped cristals in the cytoplasm. No cysts found.
  • Spherical nucleus with thick fibrous inner nuclear lamina. Nucleouls loose, with several lacunae. Cell coat very thin, amorphous (may depend on fixation). Mitochondria with dence matrix and tubular cristae. Most of the food ration of this species is represented with unicellular algae.

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