Saccamoeba stagnicola Page, 1974

Saccamoeba stagnicola 1-7, 11, 15-17: locomotive; 8-2, 12, 18-19: cell when changing the direction of movement; 10: nucleus (stained preparation); 20: cell inside the agar layer; 13-14: cysts.
Scale bars 1-9, 11-20: 20 mkm; 10: 10 mkm

Saccamoeba stagnicola 1: total section of the cell; 2: nucleus; 3: cell coat; 4: mitochondria; 5: place of the crystal; 6: bacteria in the cytoplasm. Scale bar: 500nm

  • Locomotive form monopodial, always without hyaline cap. Villous-bulbous uroid in most cells, smallest cells does not have differentiated uroid. Length in locomotion 41-80 mkm (average 63 mkm), breadth 10-18 mkm (average 13 mkm). L/B about 5.0.
  • Single spherical nucleus, about 6 mkm in diameter, with central endosome about 3 mkm in diameter. One contractile vacuole. 5-10 small irregular cristals in the cytoplasm.
  • Cysts spherical, single-walled, 7-10 mkm in diameter. No cyst pores.
  • Spherical nucleus without inner nuclear lamina. Nucleouls has large central lacuna. Cell coat very thin, amorphous (may depend on fixation). In most cells there are bacteria, lyuing freely in the cytoplasm.

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