Trichamoeba sinuosa Siemensma & Page, 1986

Trichamoeba sinuosa 1-3: locomotive; 4 - cell, changing the direction of movement; 5: nucleus in alive speciemen 6: uroid; 7: portion of the nucleus; 8: mitochondria; 9: nucleus (stained preparation); 10: cell coat; 11: dictyosomes
Scale bars: 1-6: 20 mkm; 9: 10 mkm; 7-8 and 11: 500 nm; 10: 250 nm
  • Locomotive form monopodial, usualy of sinusoidal shape, with rather pronounced hyaline cap. Morulate uroid usual. Length in locomotion about 175-300 mkm, breadth 35-42 mkm, L/B 5-7.
  • Single nucleus, about 25 mkm in diameter, with a sphere of small nucleoli at some distance from the nuclear envelope. One contractile vacuole. Numerous small bipiramidal cristals in the cytoplasm. No cysts found.
  • Nucleus in section contains a ring of smal nucleoli, forming a ring at some distance from the nuclear envelope. No inner nuclear lamina. Cell coat amorphous, about 10 nm in thickness. Mitochondria elongated, with light matrix. Dictyosomes are numerous, each consist of 6-12 cisternae.

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