Vannella simplex Wolhfarth-Bottermann, 1960

Vannella simplex 1-3, 5-9: locomotive; 4 - floating form; 10: nucleus (stained preparation); 11: cell coat.
Scale bars: 1-10: 20 mkm; 11: 250 nm
  • Locomotive form flattened, fan-shaped. No differentiated uroid. Length in locomotion 35-49 mkm (average 39 mkm), breadth 38-52 mkm, (average 49 mkm) L/B about 1.
  • Floating form radial, star-like, with thin, tapering hyaline pseudopodia.
  • Single rounded or oblong vesicular nucleus, about 5 mkm in diameter, with a spherical central endosome about 3 mkm in diameter. One contractile vacuole. No cytoplasmic cristals. No cysts found.
  • Cell coat consists of thin layer of amorphous glycocalix over to the cell membrane, and layer of radiating glycostyles, about 110 nm in length. Simple filaments among the glycostyles were not found in our sections, however our fixation quality was far from best.

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