Help section - how this page is organised.

  • If you are here, thus it is reasonable to suggest that you are familiar with your WWW-browser itself. This site is organised in most "classical" manner (in order to make it "browser-independent") and shoul be operated as any other WWW-homepage. When you enter the site from the title page, your screen is organised as shown below:

  • From the left you see navigation bar, which will always follow you, remaining the same. By click on appropriate reference (in white) you may reach any section of the site, including this help section, or to go back to start page of the site.

  • In the middle is the data area - the subject of your interest (hopefuly) itself.

  • From the right is the scrollbar. It is a bery important component, as most pages are longer than one screen. Use it to scroll the data area in order to reach all information. It is especially actual at the "Diversity" section - references to species description are below the first visible screen in the data area.

  • The section "Related publications" contains list of our publications related with the materials of this site.

  • You are welcome to contact me with question, reprints requests and comments to this site. My address is at the "Start" page.

    Good luck!

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