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    Sources of amoebae strains:
    1. CCAP - Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa
    2. ATCC - American Type Culture Collection

    Amoebae in GeneBank:

    1. Gymnamoebia and Leptomyxida
    2. Heterolobosea
    3. Acanthopodida

      Other amoeboid protists:

    4. Entamoebidae
    5. Nucleariidae
    6. Pelobiontida
    7. Euglyphida

    Basic protistological journals:

    1. Protist
    2. Acta Protozoologica
    3. European Joural of Protistology
    4. Protistology
    5. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology

    Links to protist images databases:

    1. Protist images database

    Biology on the Web:

    1. Links page of the International Society of Microbial Ecology
    2. Amoebae page by Sutherland Maciver
    3. NCBI-Genbank homepage
    4. Jan Pawlowski: Molecular Systematics Group (University of Geneva)

    Few links useful in my own work

    1. (in Russian) - converts data from/to any national and international measurement units
    2. Complete Guide to HTML (in Russian)
    3. Brief guide to HTML (in Russian)
    4. Useful materials and programs for web (in Russian)